Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Announcing the NEW Floating Times

Starting today – March 1, 2017 – this blog has officially merged with the Floating Times. 

Whether you are a subscriber, or casually drop by now and then, our new home address is – Floating Times – Floating Homes Association

If you are a subscriber, you will need to resubscribe to the NEW Floating Times to be notified of new articles. It's an easy 2-step process. We've changed the notification emails to go out once a week, rather than as items are posted. There's a guide to help you subscribe to – and find your way around – the new site. We've also made it easy for readers to submit newsworthy items. It's all there, in the HOW TO section, located at the top of the right column. You'll also find current weather, as well as interactive information about tides.

It's been a good run. The Blog gave us a chance to find our footing, to explore expanded media choices, and to experience the frisson of publishing stories as they unfold. 

Now it's time to merge with the Floating Times – that's been our goal all along. 

Be patient with us as we settle into the new format. We're not only learning new software, we're also slowly bringing over all of these original blog items. In time we'll be adding all the archived Floating Times, dating back to the late 80s. 

It's a great feeling to have our community newsletter in one place. Please join us over at

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Julie Durbin and Mari Steeno hand out door prizes at last year’s FHA Annual Meeting
post by Sandy Harford  |  photo by Larry Clinton
Join us for the Floating Homes Association’s Annual Membership Meeting & Party! The party is free for members and children under 14. Guests of FHA members pay $10 each. Not a member? Memberships to the FHA will be accepted during registration: $25 per year or $65 for a three-year membership. At the meeting, you'll hear what’s new for the FHA community. There’ll be music, food and refreshments. Plus there's the famous raffling of wonderful prizes! Hope you can make it!

When: Saturday, March 4
Where: Sausalito Bay Model
5 pm: Registration opens
5:30 pm: Annual Meeting starts
7 pm: Party starts

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tour Proceeds Shared with Nonprofits

Courtney Good and Larry Clinton  |  selfie by Elmo
The Floating Homes Association Tour Committee has presented checks totaling $6,000 to the three nonprofits who helped with the 2016 Open Homes tour.

As tour co-director and a volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center, I was proud to present a donation to Courtney Good, Guest Experience Coordinator at the Center, under the approving gaze of Elmo the Elephant Seal. The Center is the oldest and largest hospital in the world treating sick and injured seals, sea lions and other marine mammals. Last year one harbor seal patient, Issy, was rescued off Issaquah Dock.

Mari Steeno gets a thank-you hug from Trisha Smith.
Trisha Smith, President of Sausalito Village, exuberantly accepted a check from Mari Steeno, co-director of the FHA Tour Committee. Since October 2010, Trisha’s volunteer-based non-profit organization has been offering services to enhance the ability of seniors to live independently, remaining active and integral to our community. Many floating homes residents are Sausalito Village volunteers and members.

Suki with Wyna Barron and Freddie Cobey (l. to r.) 

Suki Sennett of Main Dock, who serves on the board of the Friends of the Marin City Library, presented a check to fellow FOMCL board members Wyna Barron and Freddie Cobey. Freddie coordinates the dozens of volunteers who have helped on our tour for the past 13 years. The organization has prepared a Power Point presentation showing how our donations are being put to use funding library and community educational activities. To view it, click HERE.

photos and post by Larry Clinton | this story originally from the Winter 2016 Floating Times

Friday, February 17, 2017

Emergency Response Training April 1 & 8

South Forty dock rep Louis Simpson handles the heavy lifting at a recent CERT training. 
The next Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training in Southern Marin is scheduled for April 1 and April 8. Several floating homes folks have already signed up, and if we get 15 more, we’ll be able to hold emergency simulations on our docks.

As in the past, the FHA will reimburse floating homes residents for the cost of tuition ($45) once they complete the training. The FHA’s goal is to have as many residents CERT-trained as possible.

Once you’ve been trained you can decide whether you are willing to be deployed into the larger community during an emergency, or just to help your own neighbors and family.

If you have questions, go HERE.
To register, contact FHA Emergency Services Chair Flo Hoylman at

post by Larry Clinton  |  photo by Flo Hoylman

Thursday, February 16, 2017

FHA Board Meeting Notes – January 2017


  • Jennifer Gennari led a discussion of the Board's vision for the FHA. There was strong support for the FHA to build community cohesiveness. Jen will draft a vision statement based on this discussion.
  • Last year's tour did not generate enough income so we will be looking at a larger Tour this year.
  • The new Floating Times will debut at the March 4 Annual Meeting. Everyone in the community will receive an invitation to view the newsletter online and to subscribe for weekly updates. The new format will allow for more timely articles and will be searchable.
  • Dock reps were again asked to check on the numbers that were handed out to be put on the water side of homes. 
  • Incumbent FHA Officers were re-elected for two more years. They are: Katherine Boschetto, President; Flo Hoylman, Vice President; Linda Sempliner, Secretary; and Joan Sheahan, Treasurer. 
  • The Board agreed to purchase a table for six for Sausalito's Jazz and Blues by the Bay, which is held on Fridays from June through August. This will be available to the entire community. Check back for more details on how to make reservations for this table.
  • The Board is sponsoring an Oral History program, and is actively seeking volunteer interviewers and subjects from the community. Send suggestions to
  • A review of FHA committees will be held at the March 20 meeting which will also be an Open Forum meeting.
  • The FHA Bylaws are posted HERE on the FHA web site (top of the page).
  • The Board continues to look for a Secretary and Membership Chair.
 Left to right: Joan Sheahan, Flo Hoylman, Katherine Boschetto, Linda Sempliner  |  photo by Larry Clinton