Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Water You Doing Here: Brad and Teddie Hathaway

by The Dinghy Dame 
Brad and Teddy enjoying life on East Pier. 
Photo by Dinghy Dame 
Brad and Teddie Hathaway used to call their 1888 house on Capitol Hill, home.They raised two children in DC, while each juggling demanding careers. Then their kids migrated to the left-coast. With their son in Seattle and their daughter in Pleasanton, Teddie said they chose to follow their grandchildren. They decided that when they retired they would move to San Fran cisco; a place they had grown to love on their honeymoon. Teddie had hopes of finding a loft where they could live and she could have an art studio. Marin was Plan B. However, while renting on West Pier they looked at each other and said, “This is it!” They had not yet retired, so they bought their place on East Pier and rented it for a few years before joining us three years ago.
In a nutshell, Teddie was born in Idaho and brought up in Arizona. Her high school years were spent in DC and she received her MBA in southern Virginia.

Around the same time, Brad, who is an LA native, was finishing his BA in American Studies at Chico State. His dad had been an assistant stage manager and his mom was a ballerina for the Metropolitan Opera and a showgirl for The Fox Theatre in Brooklyn, so he grew up with a latent case of stage on the brain.

Teddie, who had always wanted to be an artist, found herself on Capitol Hill working as the finance administrator of official expenses for individual members of Congress. She was part of a crew of twenty-two, but if ever there was a question, each of those other twenty-one folks said, “Ask Teddie.”
It’s hard to imagine the transition from a pecuniary life to that of an artist, but Teddie followed her bliss and jumped in. She took classes and soon discovered that glass was her medium. She explained there are three kinds of glass art: cold refers to stained glass, hot refers to blowing glass, and warm refers to kiln work, which is Teddie’s forte. She uses only recycled glass, and old car windows are as appealing as old shower doors, as she molds and paints them and she and her kiln produce amazing works of color and innovative design.

She studied art in DC and Germany and has exhibited all over the United States. She has also been an art teacher. Teddie says, “I am an artist, but I’m also an environmentalist, so to me, what I make art from is as important as the art I make.”

Brad spent thirty years working for the Legislative branch of the Federal Govern ment. He became a senior executive in the nonpartisan investment arm of Congress, GAO, which is the government accountability office. He is rightfully very proud that over eighteen years he saved ten billion dollars for the Department of Defense through budget reduction. He also oversaw NASA’s general accounting policy.

Brad “the word guy” also found his second career as a writer and theater critic of renown, and for greater than twenty years has done reviews and news and features for newspapers and magazines and websites. In the 1990s he reviewed theater and wrote more than eight hundred and fifty articles covering the DC area. He also wrote a monthly Column on theater, known as The Hill Rag, for over ten years.

In 2008 he was elected to the executive committee of the American Theatre Critics Association and he still is writing reviews. Brad’s newest endeavor is historical fiction seen through new eyes. Inspired to tell his grandfather’s story, he calls his works “vignettes from the edges of history”. As busy as Brad and Teddie are, they have enmeshed themselves in our community. For the second year in a row they will open their home for our annual tour.

Teddie is once again on the tour committee, and she is in charge of the sale of advertising. She is part of Marin Open Studios and displays her glasswork. She is also treasurer of Sausalito Village and a member of the Sausalito Historical Society. Brad writes the open home reviews for the our Floating Home Tour.

He feels good about our community and calls it “warm, full of won der, giving and supportive.” He said that “the average here is above average” and that “we are a most interesting blend of live and let live and yet watch out for your neighbors.” Neither of them has a desire to ever leave. They enjoy the water and have a Boston Whaler named Mischief, which he says looks sort of like a 007 cigarette boat. Go to BradHathaway.com and TeddieHathaway.com for yet more interesting information about these two energetic, enthusiastic and artistic additions to our shores.