Thursday, September 3, 2015

Floating Home Tour is Almost Here

Visitors flocked to East Pier on an earlier tour
Photo by Emily Riddell
by Larry Clinton and Mari Steeno, co-Tour Directors 

The Tour Committee still needs volunteers for our 30th annual open homes tour Saturday, September 12.

Each volunteer works 1.5-4 hours and and may visit any and all homes on the tour. Immediately following the tour there’ll be a thank-you party for all volunteers on Kappas Green. This year, each volunteer will also receive a free commemorative floating homes t-shirt.

All are welcome to volunteer, but residents of the community are particularly encouraged to come share your knowledge of our unique lifestyle and to get to know your neighbors by working together on a truly fun and rewarding event. You’ll be blown away by the enthusiasm and gratitude of our visitors.
As always, the tour is the major fundraiser for the Floating Homes Association, and also the largest social event in our community. To volunteer for a specific position or to put your name on the list to be assigned to a position, please go online to to register, or contact Volunteer Coordinator Kay Horne by email at with any questions. Be sure to read the job descriptions and consider any physical limitations you have when signing up for a shift.

Other Ways You Can Help
We expect close to 1,000 visitors on the 12th, and our goal is to spread traffic evenly over all four participating docks (Issaquah, Kappas East and West, Gate 6-1/2) and Kappas Green from 11 AM till 4 PM. There will be no tour parking in the community. Free shuttles will bring visitors from the Gateway Center, but they do need to be able to drop off and pick up tour attendees and volunteers at both Kappas Green and Gate 6-1/2. So, please try to schedule deliveries, construction projects, or social events around this day. If you can water your plants or wash your car on Friday or Sunday, that would be appreciated, as would clearing clutter (such as dead plants) from the docks on the tour. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this once-a-year event. From our amazed visitors to the media that covers our tours, this is our chance to showcase our beautiful and unique culture.