Saturday, June 4, 2016

FHA Board Meeting Notes – April 18 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the April 18, 2016 Board Meeting:

  • Jenny Stein volunteered to replace Stan Barbarich as the FHA contact person with the Regional Water Board. 
  • The Marine Mammal Center will be added to our Tour beneficiaries, along with Sausalito Village and Friends of the Marin City Library. 
  • It was agreed to spend up to $5.00 for each floating home to buy reflective metal numbers to be placed on the water-side of each home to assist in water-side rescue. Each dock will determine which homeowners wish to have numbers to place on their homes by May 31st. We’ll only purchase numbers for those interested. Flo will check with the Fire Department about getting GPS information for each boat. 
  • The Board and the Emergency Preparedness Team will participate in MMRC (Marin Medical Reserve Corps) First Aid for Disaster Response Training on June 25th from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. The cost is $550.00. The training will take place at the Marin City Senior Center.  Linda will email the information to all dock reps.