Monday, July 18, 2016

Coincidence or Not? Humming Toadfish Are Back

photo by Larry Clinton

Parks & Rec director Mike Langford holds the mic for
Neptune for a reading from the poem Toadfish Love
Katy Boyd of East Pier reported, via Nextdoor Kappas Marina, and neighbor Brad Hathaway confirms, that the humming toadfish are indeed back. Could it be that recent 4th of July kazoo band activity has got these creatures in the mood?

Or was it Neptune (Keith Shaw) reading from Toadfish Love, in front of the viewing stand during the Sausalito 4th of July Parade, that kicked the water-dwelling hummers into high gear?

The poem Toadfish Love, written by East Pierian Gordon Haight in the style of Alfred Lord Tennyson, is reprinted from the July/August 2009 Floating Times. Click here for the original story; click this link to view the post:
Toads Stage Triumphant Comeback!


There was a time in houseboat lore
That ...Humming... Toadfish did such roar 
That sleepy neighbors could not ignore. 
Was the...humming... a nighttime snore?

But, no, scientists did say, it was 
...Humming... Toadfish at bedtime play. 
They...hummed...for mating until they were sore: 
The ...Humming... Toadfish of sex lore.

No time for feeding, no time for fun,
...Humming... Toadfish relax when done. 
From the mud of Sausalito did they come,
...Humming... Toadfish breeding their young.

So march on the 4th, and dance all night 
But late in the evening when stars are bright, 
Listen for those lovers with all your might 
For the ...Humming... Toadfish... own the night.

The 4th of July Parade, as the Humming Toadfish break into the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.
Thanks to Kay Horne for the video, posted HERE on YouTube.