Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FHA Board Meeting Notes – June 20, 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the June 20, 2016 Board Meeting:

  • Members of the Point San Pablo floating homes community attended the meeting and asked questions about steps necessary to purchase their marina. Jim Rowe (Issaquah Dock) also attended.
  • There are 11 homes committed for the Tour. Everyone was encouraged to volunteer at SignUp [CLICK HERE]. Also to check out our Tour Facebook page, like it and notify Facebook friends about it: www.facebook.com/floatinghomestour
  • Larry Clinton requested Dock News for the Aug.-Sept. Floating Times
  • The number of subscribers to the blog has risen from 55 to 86 for a 56% increase, and everyone was asked to encourage neighbors to sign up for our blog: http://www.fhasausalito.com/. Larry Clinton will prepare a blog flier to go on dock bulletin boards.
  • The Board ratified an Executive Committee decision to get a storage locker in San Rafael for $70.00 per month to store tour and parade equipment, plus FHA archives.
  • Ron Moreland was authorized to continue to oversee and work on a lawsuit arising from an accident during the 2013 tour. Joan Sheahan will be Ron's backup.
  • Reflective numbers were handed out to be placed on the water side of any floating home whose owner requests them.