Saturday, November 12, 2016

Public Hearing Nov. 21 – Gate 6 Intersection Improvements – 7 pm at Sausalito City Hall

photo by Larry Clinton

Article reprinted courtesy of Nov 11 2016 Sausalito Currents
Plans for improvements to Sausalito's Gate 6 Road intersection will be presented at the City of Sausalito's Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting on November 21. During the meeting, which will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, project representatives will share an overview of the final design, which was developed with the participation of area residents and adjacent property owners, Caltrans and the County of Marin.

Gate 6 road improvements were prioritized as part of the 2011 Ferry Terminal to Gate 6 Road Path Feasibility Study. In 2013, the Sausalito City Council awarded a contract for a Gate 6 intersection project to reduce conflicts between cyclists, pedestrians and automobiles, especially at the northeast corner of the intersection where the bicycle path ends.
The proposed improvements will add bicycle detection of southbound cyclists coming onto Bridgeway from the Sausalito-Mill Valley Multi-Use Path. The project also includes pavement rehabilitation, vehicle detection and signal modifications, a redesign of the path approach at the northeast corner of the Bridgeway/Gate 6 intersection, and sidewalk and curb ramp improvements at the intersection of Bridgeway and Ebbtide Avenue.


This City of Sausalito page provides multiple links, including links to background information,  the meeting announcement itself, and the Final Project Drawings. **

For additional background, please refer to this Floating Homes article written by FHA President Katherine Boschetto back in Jan/Feb of 2014: Gate 6 Road Improvements

** Though described as Final Project Drawings, the purpose of this public meeting is for the presentation of these plans to the community. As with most city meetings, there will be the opportunity for members of the public to voice their opinion. Plans will also be on file at the Sausalito Library Reference Desk, and viewable at City Hall.

The Final Project Drawings are dense and detailed. From existing conditions through to the demolition plan, you'll find a myriad of plans: a layout plan including pavement delineation, bicycle lane marking details, electrical, lighting and signage schematics and even traffic control plans for the anticipated detours and sidewalk closures once construction gets underway. These 3 drawings are only a few selected from the whole lot, but provide a good idea of the overall direction and interim impact.  CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE

C-3.1 Pavement Delineation
C-3.2 Signage Plan
C-3.3 Stage Construction Plan
(detours and sidewalk closures)