Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 27 at the Sausalito Library: The Bird Photographs of Richard Pavek

"Tracing" – photo taken October 21, 2014
at the Corte Madera Shorebird Marsh.

Photo by Richard Pavek – event notes from the Library.
Special Event
The Bird Photographs of Richard Pavek
Friday, January 27
7:00 p.m. inside the Sausalito Library

Using the big screen in the Library, Sausalito resident Richard Pavek [Yellow Ferry] will present a selection of his beautiful photographs of birds from around the world, some in flight others perched. He will also share photos of some of the more striking landscapes that intruded on his bird journeys.

Richard picked up his first camera when he was seventeen and used it to capture an aircraft that glowed in the corner of a darkened hanger. Fascinated by the light he saw in that wing he soon found himself immersed in a new hobby. As he moved through the many phases of his life, his cameras were always nearby, waiting for something worthwhile for him to capture, sometimes aircraft, sometimes faces, sometimes scenic landscapes. Some years ago Richard shifted the focus of his cameras from landscapes to birds, especially birds in flight.